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I'm a Graphic Designer and Illustrator with almost 30 years of experience in agencies and as a freelancer. Work on projects for both printing and online purpose. I feel good working as a part of a team and individually. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my work.

Logos & branding


I am fully aware how important is brand mark and its recognition among clients, so you can count on my serious engagement, when working on company logo and associated materials. I will always provide fresh designs, as every brand is different and demands very tailored approach.

Graphic and web design


Comprehensive graphic design on various fields. I handle multiple draw/paint techniques as well as digital (all major design tools). Area of my skills & experience covers UX for websites and web applications, full content and graphic design, design for printing followed by professional print process supervision (offset, digital and others).

Illustrations & animations


This is what I love most! I can work using virtually any means - crayons, watercolors, poster paints, pencil, even ball pen can do the trick, if you feel it! Of course I am also very familiar with digital tools like Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel... They are very handy and I am proficient with them, but this what makes project good, is its soul!



It's really joyful experience when illustrations come alive as everyday items. I design and sew cushions, hand bags and other handmade things to brighten everybody's life. Well :) and to have fun making them!

Joanna Shilson, AYANI HOUSE

“This freelancer designed my logo for me in 2022 and we literally did it in one take.  Absolutely incredible!  We had one meeting where she listened to everything I wanted and made a few suggestions and a few weeks later she presented me with my logo.  There was no need to request small changes or anything, she nailed it in one. 
Still to this day, I marvel at this design as it captures everything that my company represents.  It is a beautiful logo and so many of my clients comment on how much they love it.  One of the students had it tattooed on her back, and it is the only tattoo she has. That is saying something. Thank you for making it such an effortless project in beauty.”



Thanks for contacting me!


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